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Pork steak

Pork steak

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Christmas goodies

Pork steak, or pork alms, is a must on our table around the holidays, when my in-laws cut the piglet.

  • approx. 700 g pork
  • 1 white onion
  • 2 lgt paprika
  • salt
  • pepper
  • homemade sausages
  • favorite pickles
  • polenta

Servings: 5

Preparation time: over 120 minutes


Wash the piece of meat then cut into cubes appropriately large and boil in water to cover it for 50-60 minutes.

Separately, finely chop the onion, sauté a little and add the pieces of meat and let it brown a little. Add the chopped sausage, spices, a pinch of juice (in which he boiled the meat) and let it boil at the right heat, in the pan covered with the lid, until the juice decreases and the meat is well cooked.

Whenever necessary, add a little hot juice and let it boil. Add salt to taste.

Meanwhile, the polenta is also prepared.

Serve with your favorite pickles.

Pork Steak - Recipes

Cozy recipes from the Land of Thorns for the Easter meal

We don't tell you what the search for the most chic, ie tasty and authentic, recipes cooked for the holidays in Ţara Dornelor produced for us. And that's because you will convince yourself of the richness of the Easter meal that brings together all the good things of the earth, on the principle of "thank everyone"! From those who prefer lamb, pork, turkey or beef dishes, to those who always give a piece of meat on various assortments of cheese and salads, all cooked with products from their own household, as it is the week before Long Easter.

So, although we kept our social distance regularly, we got even closer to the telephone conversation we had with Mrs. Felicia Hunea, the owner of the Hunea Pension in Panaci, which is part of the local ecotourism network. We warn you that what happened next will leave you speechless, but you have to find out what a housewife from Ţara Dornelor puts on the Easter table, who deserves the title of local host.

Easter meal in Ţara Dornelor, a little of everything

To get an idea of ​​the importance of this holiday for the locals from Ţara Dornelor, it is enough to take a look at the menu made for Easter by our host, Mrs. Hunea. For about 20 years now, for her, Easter and Christmas have been celebrated with guests from all over the country for whom the meeting with the local cuisine is part of an unforgettable experience in Ţara Dornelor. Don't be surprised, then, that this year too, even in the absence of visitors who had to postpone coming here for a while, Mrs. Hunea competed with the goodies for the traditional Easter meal and here's what came out!

Breakfast, rainbow on the palate

Visitors who have been accommodated over time at Casa Hunea, when they returned from church, after the Resurrection service, will surely remember what it looked like. breakfast, served on a generous platter with homemade dishes made from local ingredients, from your own household in this case: onion, radish, lamb chop, poultry chop, veal chop, mutton curd, urda, homemade cheese, red eggs, horseradish sauce, beetroot salad, goat pastrami and mutton pastrami, pork tenderloin , bacon, Easter and cake. And next to it, a red wine and a blueberry. They are not missing either stuffed eggs and beef salad , but which, at Casa Hunea, is prepared with biblica breast, not beef, as is the original recipe where its name comes from. The meat comes from bibilica grown in its own yard, which is boiled with vegetables and which, at the end, after preparing the salad, comes with an addition of raw celery, given on a grater.

As an idea, Mrs. Hunea also told us that, as a rule, biblical meat is cooked after it is kept for a day and a night in a sour milk stain, a little garlic, a little oil, salt and a teaspoon of sugar. „ These birds grow very easily, right now I bought another 40 chickens a day ", our host tells us excitedly. To which we add, only, that for those who plan to purchase bibs, it is good to know that they are very noisy, but also very vigilant against predatory enemies.

Lunch, or hard to decide II

In our area, being about the most consistent meal of the day, lunch abounds with dishes from the category: "be very careful about the number of calories!", Ie soup, main course and dessert! And Mrs. Hunea makes our mission almost impossible, putting on the Easter table no less than two kinds of soup, three kinds of steak, sarmale and about 5 desserts of your choice.

  • The category Lamb , things are as follows: lamb soup , Lamb tripe , lamb steak - whose meat has been kept for two or three days in a mixture of spices, with salt, pepper, bay leaves, lard and two cloves. With this stain, the lamb is left from Thursday to Sunday, when our housewife makes the steak. This lamb is boiled with mineral water, and when the water is low, add the garlic and put the steak in the oven.
  • It's your turn turkey meat of which our host makes a soupof turkey delicious with homemade noodles, sour with a little borscht and drizzled with cream. Like the drob, Mrs. Hunea also prepares a stuffed turkey leg , in which turkey or turkey breast, liver, eggs and lots of greens are placed.

Very importantly, for soups, Mrs. Hunea mentioned that they are dominated by an abundance of vegetables: from green onions, dill, tarragon, larch to parsley and garlic - all fresh and green, drained at the end with cream.

The best idea for Christmas steak: milk piglet on the tray

It might sound a little American. They have the habit of cooking such a dish, mainly at Christmas or New Year's Eve. Well, why don't we try. For a Christmas steakFor example, this recipe is the most suitable. Let's see how to prepare suckling pig in the pan?

Pork muscles boiled in milk

Place the pork muscle in a saucepan, pour the milk and add the crushed garlic with a knife, salt, pepper, thyme sprigs and rosemary.

What measures can you take to prevent heart disease and stroke?

Put on medium heat, on the stove, until the milk starts to boil, then turn the heat to low and let it boil with the lid on for about an hour. From time to time check not to set the milk on fire, but if you use the smallest eye on the stove there should be no problems.

When the steak is ready, take it out of the pan and let it cool almost completely before serving. It goes well with a pickle salad, without other side dishes :)

Our Christmas menu (plus recipes)

For the holidays, I want my children to remember how much they played with their parents, not how many dishes they had on the table.
On the other hand, you don't seem to feel like it's a holiday without certain dishes.
Many years ago, I spent two Christmases away from the country, where all sorts of exotic salads and a large American-style turkey, filled with everything, sat on the holiday table.
Sure, there are years that I remember and that I will repeat at some point, but now, I feel the need for our Romanian cuisine and dishes with a childhood taste.

What will we have on the table this year?

It is not missing on any holiday because it is popular with the whole family.
We put: beef musvhi, carrots, potatoes, peas, pickles, donuts and homemade mayonnaise.

I make mayonnaise like this:

4 hard boiled yolks and 3 soft boiled yolks (to flow), lime, salt to taste and rub lightly with grape seed oil. At the end I add a teaspoon of Dijon mustard.
Not that I brag but I make the best mayonnaise in the world, from which children and pregnant women can also eat.

Stuffed eggs
I fill them with pate made the day before according to the recipe HERE I make them pate made the day before according to the recipe HERE and I decorate them with mayonnaise made by me.

Cheese platter
Cheeses are never lacking in the house and I always have at least 3 dishes. At Christmas I will have at least 5, which we serve as a snack with nuts and grapes.

Flesh or cold
Many years ago I learned from a friend's father to eat hot sarmale with cold meat. It took me about 3 years, until he convinced me to try and since then, otherwise I won't work.
I know that it is also eaten in regions of the country.
We make the meatball clear (that is, we strain the garlic) from pork legs and tender meat, cooked until crushed. We only put carrots to boil, because I don't want to steal them from the taste of meat.

sarmale which my husband does best
Sarmales made by the husband contain only beef mixture with pork, salt, pepper, thyme.
We never put: bread, rice or egg.

Steak we always do it the second or even the third of Christmas, after the stuffing.
We are still not decided between: baked pork steak with spices or pork alms with everything.

The 5 holiday desserts will not be missing from the list, although we will make them one by one. On Christmas day we will surely have the cake with walnut top and Babka.

Although they seem like a lot, if you do them in time and you have help as we have (it will be mother, middle brother and sister-in-law), they are done very slowly and well. An article to save and share with loved ones.

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