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Ginger Soy Salmon

Ginger Soy Salmon

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Place salmon fillet, skin side down, in ungreased 13x9-inch baking dish. In small bowl, mix soy sauce, sesame oil, gingerroot, pepper and garlic; pour over salmon. Cover; refrigerate at least 2 hours to blend flavors.

Salmon Marinade – Soy Ginger Salmon Marinade

Salmon marinade is a funny thing in our house. My husband &ldquohated&rdquo salmon for fifteen years before trying this recipe and loving it! (Scroll to the bottom to read the whole ridiculous story!).

But now that we&rsquore back on the salmon wagon, I love making this easy soy ginger salmon recipe! Try it alongside some oven roasted cauliflower, stir fry noodles, and peanut butter chocolate balls for dessert.

Easy Ginger Soy Salmon Recipe

If you’re looking for an easy & Light Weeknight Dinner Idea then you found it!. I love this Ginger Soy Salmon recipe so much that I make it at least once a week at home.

I tell my girls it’s “Pink Chicken” and they gobble it up!. My Instagram followers know that I make this A LOT!.

I’ve been on a diet for a while now and as I’ve been experimenting on the subject I’ve discovered that diet food does not have to be boring.

In fact, if you add fresh veggies, lean protein, and good spices, magic can come out of your kitchen. Salmon is a very filling protein with good fats. If you’re currently watching your weight try adding salmon to your diet. I get tired of chicken sometimes.

This Ginger Soy Salmon recipe only has 5 ingredients (including the salmon) and it cooks in 20 minutes. Super easy!

Make this for dinner tonight and let me know what you think. In my household, my husband usually asks for seconds so unfortunately I never have leftovers.

This salmon could taste great cold on a salad for lunch the next day or even inside a wrap.

In case you didn’t admire the picture above here’s another look at this meaty sweet and tangy Salmon. It’s good enough for company.

Perfect when you’re having friends over. You can accompany this dish with salad, rice, couscous or steamed veggies. We just served ours with sautéed Portobello mushrooms with fresh thyme.

I hope you can try this delicious Ginger Soy Salmon at home. If you do, please upload a pic on Instagram and tag me @Livingsweetmoments or use the hashtag #LivingSweet. I promise to repost it.

Ginger Soy Sauce Salmon Recipe for Kids Who Hate Fish

This ginger soy sauce salmon recipe is a game changer when it comes to kids who hate fish or adults who are bored of the old plain roasted version.

It is packed with so much flavor and smells so amazing, very few people I know ever said “no” to it. And most of them were under 5 :).

But still, fish can be a hard sell to kids and even some adults. I have a confession to make: two of my older kids do not like white fish. They used to eat it by pounds when they were younger but now they rarely touch it.

I still make it regularly because my husband, I and our 3-year old are big fans, so hopefully, things will turn around for our Miss 12 and Miss 9.

But salmon is a definite crowd pleaser for our family. I have been preparing it this way for years, it rocks on some cedar planks on the grill but also tastes delicious when made in the oven.

There are three keys to success with this recipe:

1/ The magical perfectly balanced marinade that highlights the best about salmon. It includes a little brown sugar that is absolutely essential, so please do not omit it.

2/ Skin-down method of marinating, which allows the marinade to penetrate as deeply as possible into the fillet and infuse it with wonderful flavors.

3/ Two-step preparation process, where the fish is first roasted in the middle rack of the oven and then is quickly grilled, or broiled, on the top, just for a couple of minutes, to give it beautiful caramelized crust.

And of course, I use shortcuts to make it easier for myself. To cut on washing up, I make a little mini tray out of foil, where I marinade and then cook the fish.

For cooking, I place it on a baking sheet next to some sliced and seasoned veggies so I get a whole one-tray meal at the same time it takes to cook fish.

How Make Oven Baked Salmon with Honey Ginger Glaze?

This melt in your mouth oven baked salmon is so easy to make and so full of flavor! It is one of my go-to salmon recipes because it’s quick and always a hit with family and dinner guests. The simple honey ginger glaze is amazing! You are going to want to pour this Honey Ginger glaze over grilled chicken, grilled salmon, pork chops or any other firm fish!

  • Preheat the oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • To make the Honey Ginger Glaze, melt the butter in a small sauce pan and stir in the rest of the glaze ingredients. Simmer for about 3 minutes.
  • Spray a sheet pan or baking dish with cooking spray or coat the bottom with a little bit of oil to prevent the fish from sticking.
  • Place the salmon on the sheet pan or baking dish (skin side down). Season the salmon fillets lightly with salt and pepper.
  • Pour the Honey Ginger Glaze over the salmon, making sure both sides are coated with the glaze. Bake for 10 to 15 minutes (depending on the size and thickness of the fish) or until the salmon is cooked through and flakes easily.
  • Remove from the oven and garnish with sesame seeds.

  1. Mix the butter, chives, ginger, lemon juice, and soy sauce. Set aside.
  2. Preheat a grill or grill pan.
  3. Season the salmon with salt and pepper and rub with the oil.
  4. Wipe the grill grates clean and rub with a paper towel dipped in oil.
  5. Add the salmon skin side down and cook for 4 to 5 minutes, until the skin is lightly charred and crisp.
  6. Flip the fish and cook for another 2 to 3 minutes on the flesh side, until the flesh flakes with gentle pressure from your finger but is still slightly translucent in the middle. (We believe salmon is best served medium, but if you want yours completely cooked, leave it on for another 2 to 3 minutes.)
  7. Serve the salmon with a generous spoonful of the flavored butter, which should begin to melt on contact.

Eat This Tip

Spiking softened butter with assertive flavors is a great way to add an instant "sauce" to your dinner. And adding coins of compound butters (which keep for weeks in your fridge) to high-carb foods like baked potatoes can actually work to lower the glycemic impact of the dish, making a gentler ride for your blood sugar. Try any of these combinations on meat, fish, or vegetables.

  • Crumbled blue cheese, chives, and black pepper
  • Reduced balsamic vinegar and caramelized onions
  • Minced sundried tomatoes and olives

This recipe (and hundreds more!) came from one of our Cook This, Not That! books. For more easy cooking ideas, you can also buy the book!

Soy-and-Ginger-Glazed Salmon with Udon Noodles

In a small saucepan, combine the soy sauce, sake, lime juice, ginger and sugar and bring to a boil stir to dissolve the sugar. Pour the marinade into a glass baking dish let cool completely. Add the salmon, turn to coat and marinate for 1 to 4 hours, turning occasionally.

Preheat the broiler. Broil the salmon, skin side down, 5 inches from the heat until golden, about 3 minutes. Turn the fillets and broil for 4 minutes, or until the skin is crisp and the fish is not quite cooked through. Transfer to a plate.

In a medium saucepan of boiling water, cook the udon until heated through, 1 minute. Drain the noodles and transfer to soup bowls.

Heat the olive oil in a large skillet. Add the spinach by handfuls and cook over high heat, tossing, until wilted. Mound the spinach on the udon and top with the salmon. Spoon the cooking juices in the baking dish over the fish, sprinkle with the sesame seeds and serve.

Salmon with Soy & Ginger

This simple gingery and garlicky salmon is unassuming, but sneakily delicious. It’s one of those dishes you learn to make once—and it sticks with you for life. Be sure to use a low-sodium soy sauce or the salmon and bok choy will both be too salty. Kinch guarantees, “If you make this for your friends, they’ll see it come together in 20 minutes and then ask for the recipe.”

6 heads baby bok choy
1 tablespoon sunflower oil
2-inch piece fresh ginger, peeled and finely diced
3 cloves garlic, finely chopped
½ cup “lite” or low-sodium soy sauce
1½ pounds salmon fillet, cut into four equal portions

To prepare the bok choy, remove any tough outer leaves. Trim off the bottom stem and tops, being careful not to trim the stem too high or it will fall apart. Cut each head in half lengthwise.

Heat the sunflower oil in a large pan on medium heat. When the oil is shimmering, place the bok choy, cut-side down, in the pan. Cook, nudging the bok choy every so often to prevent sticking, until the bok choy has browned and caramelized at the bottom, about 5 minutes.

Turn the heat to low and add the ginger, garlic and soy sauce. Gently stir to combine, keeping the bok choy cut side down. Cover the pan and simmer until the bok choy has cooked through, about 5 minutes.

Remove the bok choy and set it aside. With the heat still on low, place the salmon, skin-side down, in the pan and cover. Cook for 5 minutes, then uncover the pan and tilt it so the soy sauce pools at the bottom.

Use a spoon to ladle the soy sauce, garlic and ginger over the top of the salmon to baste it. Return the bok choy to the pan, cover and continue to cook until the salmon is cooked through, 5 minutes more.

Transfer the salmon to a cutting board. Carefully remove the skin, if desired. Serve the salmon with a spoonful of the soy ginger sauce and a head or two of bok choy. Serves 4.

Pairs well with “Elevator Operator” by Gene Clark with The Gosdin Brothers.

  • 1 tablespoon soy sauce
  • 2 pieces stem ginger, finely chopped
  • 50ml stem ginger syrup (from the jar of pieces)
  • 2 limes, zest and juice
  • 1 red chilli, deseeded and finely chopped
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 4 Scottish salmon fillets, skin on
  • 2 x 410g packs Sainsbury's free range egg noodles

To make the glaze, place the soy sauce, stem ginger and syrup, lime zest and juice, and chilli in a pan and bring to the boil. Simmer for 5 minutes until thickened and reduced by half.

Meanwhile, heat the olive oil in a pan and add the salmon fillets, skin-side down. Cook for 5 minutes until golden, then turn and cook for a further 3 minutes.

Remove from the pan, place on a plate and leave to rest for a few minutes.

Meanwhile, stir-fry the noodles following pack instructions. Lay the salmon on a bed of noodles and spoon over the glaze. Serve with lime wedges.

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