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Chicken with capsicum

Chicken with capsicum

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Cut the onion and julienned peppers and put them in a frying pan with oil. Wash the chicken breast, cut it into julienne and fry it in a pan, salt it, add chili and a special achiote spice.

After it is ready, add the chicken breast over the vegetables and serve as in the pictures below. It is served on a wooden bottom, on top of which is placed a banana leaf on which the food is placed. A dish similar to our dishes except the special achiote spice.

As a difference from our food, they serve this dish with the following garnish: rice, black bean puree, boiled corn, pan-fried banana and accompanied by tommillo (tomato sauce, chilli, parsley, very hot onion, pepper and turmeric) and corn tortilla.

My friends from Costa Rica, eat combined mixing the sweet taste with the normal taste of the main course something new for me but that did not bother me I really liked the taste.

Good appetite