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Summer Rosé "Sangria" Recipe

Summer Rosé

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At Terzo Piano, located in the Art Institute of Chicago, the focus is on all things local and seasonal. So it's no surprise that the restaurant's take on Sangria is one of beverage manager Ryan Paykert's favorite drinks on the menu. "This concoction has a flavor that is captivating — balanced, not too sweet or tart — it reflects the true flavors of summer."


For the spice sachet:

  • 1 teaspoon lavender
  • 1 cup mint
  • ½ cup pineapple sage
  • ¼ cup thyme

For the base:

  • 4 750-milliliter bottles rosé (not too sweet or dry)
  • ½ gallon white grape juice
  • ½ gallon ruby red grapefruit juice
  • 2 375-milliliter bottles organic Koval Pear Brandy
  • 1 spice sachet

For the drink:

  • Ice
  • 4 ounces sangria base
  • 1 bar spoon melon, diced
  • 1 bar spoon blueberries
  • 1 ounce sparkling rosé


For the spice sachet:

Wrap all the ingredients in cheese cloth and tie closed with twine.

For the base:

Combine all the ingredients in a well sealed container and let sit for a minimum of 24 hours before serving. Taste the mixture to see if it has reached desired level of spice and flavor. If so, remove spice sachet.

For the drink:

In a red wine glass over ice, add in the sangria base and fruit. Top with sparkling rosé.

7 Sangria Recipes for Red and White Wine Lovers

We like to think of sangria as the punch for the big kids at the backyard party. Try out these 7 sangria recipes perfect for all your summertime activities!

Sangria can be traced back for centuries. The first known sangria-like drink was called “hippocras”. It was a Greek and Roman drink made from wine, sugar, spices, and other ingredients.

This drink soon made its way to Spain around 1100 B.C and in the 1700s it made its way to France and England. But what really is Sangria? And how can you start making it at home?

I found a really cute Summer pitcher. Inside I filled it with our favorite fruits to make our favorite Sangria recipe. Green apple, lemons, limes and oranges. I printed off my Sangria Recipe +Gift Card and tied it to the handle with some dehydrated oranges I made in the oven. You can go the extra step and include a gift card or the bottle of wine. You can even include some cute matching wine glasses or Summer napkins! Lots of different variations!

Super easy but totally thoughtful gift idea to say “Thank you for teaching my kids, now go enjoy your summer with sangria!”

Click the button below to instantly download my FREE Cheers Sangria Recipe and Gift Card. Even if you don’t have someone to gift this too. You can still download and enjoy our favorite Sangria all Summer long.

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What kind of rose wine to use?

I’d suggest that you choose a good quality wine for sangria, but don’t goo too crazy. A bottle of Rose that costa between $10 and $20 is a great pick. Grenache and Syrah Rose wines are a great choice.

White Zinfandel will also work here.

Honestly, any rose you pick will work.

Can you use sparkling wine to make a sparkling rose sangria? Yes, you can.

I used oranges, strawberries and raspberries, since it is not quite summer here and fruit selection is limited.

Nectarines and peaches are a great choice. And of course orange – sliced oranges create a great citrusy flavor.

As with most sangria cocktail recipes, we need some orange liqueur here. Triple Sec or Gran Marnier are great options. Since I’m in Europe now, I tried adding Aperol to sangria and it tasted awesome. Brandy could be used instead of orange liqueur. Omitting the liqueur is also an option. I like adding it. because it adds extra sweetness, makes the drink stronger and more flavorful.

Used to make the drink extra light and bubbly. Any soda water (high end like Perrier or San Pellegrino) or just carbonated bottled water will work.

Ice – Serve sangria in cold glasses (either wine glasses or just tall glasses with wide opening). Why is it important that the glasses are tall and wide? Because fruit is a huge part of this drink and takes up a lot of space in the glass. We need them to be large enough to hold the liquid, ice and the fruit.

Mint – I always garnish my sangria, no matter if it is made with red, white or rose wine with springs of fresh mint. It adds freshness and a pop of color.

Summer Sangria Recipe Rosé

1 bottle of chilled rosé. Rosé summer sangria early summer 2014.

Raspberry Lemon Quench Rose Sangria Recipe Rose

This sparkling summer peach sangria recipe is cool, refreshing and the perfect summer drink to make any occasion special!

Summer sangria recipe rosé. Makes 6 servings, easily doubled. Wow your guests by serving sangria made with fresh berries, rosé wine, and kicked up with white rum at your next party or bbq. This sangria made with rosé wine is so light and refreshing, so filled with fruity, delicate flavor, that it’s jumped to the top of our favorites list.

Rosé sangria is one of my favorites. Top it with sparkling water before serving. To me, nothing says summer more than a good rosé.

A good rosé wine, pomegranate juice, lemon juice, sugar, grand marnier, cognac, along with fresh oranges, lemons, and strawberries. Flavored with brandy, orange liqueur, and lots of fresh fruit In partnership with winc, this sangria is made with their popular summer water rosé!

Print full recipe at #cocktail #sangria #rosé #wine #strawberry At least, that’s how i feel about this citrus rosé sangria recipe. I love the fresh fruity flavor of the berries.

This recipe for rosé sangria turns everyone’s favorite summer wine into a light and fruity cocktail. 15 rosé drinks and desserts you’ll obsess over instantly | unmotivating. Wow your guests by serving sangria made with fresh berries, rosé wine, and kicked up with white rum at your next party or bbq.

This rosé sangria recipe is a light and fruity twist on a classic sangria. It's such a beautiful color, and 2. Using just 3 ingredients and whatever fruit you have on hand, this is the perfect summer cocktail!

Print full recipe at #cocktail #sangria #rosé #wine #strawberry This pink drink is a little bit girly and a whole lot of fun! Rosé makes the perfect sangria because 1.

A beautiful cocktail for spring and summer. Rosé summer sangria early summer 2014. This rosé sangria is the perfect blend of citrus, fresh berries, and rosé wine making it the perfect cocktail recipe for spring and summer entertaining.

They say that rosé is summer water, it is one of the best things to sip on a summer day. <p>combine the rosé, pomegranate juice, lemon juice, sugar, grand marnier, cognac, 1 cup of water, and 1 cup of ice in a large glass pitcher. 89 · this quick and simple rosé summer sangria is perfect for cooling off in the summer heat.

And, it only takes a few ingredients which are: Summer rosé sangria from barefoot contessa. Strawberries, raspberries, lemon, lime, and blood orange.

With vodka, cointreau and, of course, rosé, joy the baker's take on summer sangria pulls out all the stops. You'll love enjoying this refreshing drink on a hot summer day. Summer rosé sangria is a light and refreshing summer take on a classic spanish drink.

It pairs so well with food! 88 · this quick and simple rosé summer sangria is perfect for cooling off in the summer heat. Wow your guests by serving sangria made with fresh berries, rosé wine, and kicked up with white rum at your next party or bbq.

If you’re not rimming your glasses with sugar, are you even drinking sangria?! If making ahead, sangria will keep well, covered and refrigerated, for 2 to 3 days. This insane collaboration between summer’s two most popular beverages is the answer to all of your evening.

Summer rosé sangria is a fun twist and much lighter than the classic sangria made with dark spanish wine. It’s perfect for summer entertaining, be it a lazy afternoon, pool party, lake house or dinner party drink. Rosé sangria photo via a spicy perspective.

Stir in the raspberries, strawberries, and plums, cover, and refrigerate for at least 2 hours but preferably… One of my favorite recipes for easy entertaining is this rosé sangria. The way i look at it, we’re one week closer to summer.

My love for berries and rosé wine is what lead me to make this amazing rosé summer sangria with berries. After all, rosé season is just around the corner! 91 · this quick and simple rosé summer sangria is perfect for cooling off in the summer heat.

I should have shared the recipe for this peach rosé sangria last week when most of the country was in the middle of a heat wave, including colorado. Traditional sangria gets a makeover in this delightful pink version loaded with summery fruit. A tasty, fresh, and sweet summer rosé sangria.

Spring and summer are the best times to whip out all of the refreshing cocktail recipes. This easy rosé sangria recipe is perfect pitcher cocktail for a crowd this summer. This fruity rosé sangria made with strawberries, peaches, and raspberries is the perfect infusion of fresh seasonal produce.

This peach rosé sangria is an easy to make summer cocktail that’s perfect for a party or sipping on the patio on a hot day! Print full recipe at #cocktail #sangria #rosé #wine #strawberry An easy rosé sangria i love making fun cocktails with wine, but i always hate fighting with wine bottle opener to get the cork out, and breaking at least one nail trying to remove the foil first.

This one’s summer in your mouth. It’s made with dry rose, raspberries and oranges and more. This recipe to make summer sangria, a drink made with rosé wine, slices of seasonal fruit, and mint leaves, is easy fast and delicious.

Why i love this rosé sangria recipe. As cody rigsby says — fun and flirty! Get the recipe for sangria 4 ways ».

Well friends, another week is almost over. This rosé sangria is made with strawberries, raspberries, vodka, and rosé with a touch of lemon juice.

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Favorite Rosé Brands

Now that you’ve got a few rosés to choose from all that’s left is to make the sangria! All you need are 3 peaches, a half pint of raspberries, brandy or peach brandy, peach juice or nectar and sparkling water. To make the Peach Rosé Sangria, start by adding the sliced peaches and raspberries to a pitcher. Next, pour in the rosé, brandy and peach juice. Give it a stir and that’s all there is to it!

It’s best to refrigerate the sangria for at least an hour or up to overnight. Like I said above, this will give the fruit a chance to infuse into the alcohol. When it’s time to serve the sangria, fill the glasses about half full, then add in some of the boozy peaches and raspberries. Top off each glass with sparkling water and garnish the glass with a sliced peach. Enjoy!

50 Sensational Summer Sangria Recipes

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If you’re wondering what all of this moving/crazy talk has to do with summer sangria recipes, well, there’s a chance you might be in the wrong place. Because otherwise, you are nodding your head knowingly. Sangria is EXACTLY what is called for during life’s more stressful endeavors. I can’t think of a better way to end a box-filled, inspection-heavy, paper-signing, scary-check-writing day than reclining in an adirondack chair with a mason jar of fruit, wine, and booze clutched in my crazed and frazzled grip.

This round-up of sensational summer sangria recipes has one thing in common, other than deliciousness: summer! Dozens of amazing, creative food bloggers have dreamed up these tantalizing concoctions full of summer fare like blackberries, watermelon, strawberries, tropical fruit, and fresh-picked herbs. Heck, one even sports arugula!

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Peaches, plums, nectarines. Heaven.

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Cherry sangria is one of my favorites – and these three look particularly tempting.

Cherry Sangria from Wine and Glue

Nothing says summer-in-a-glass like these berry-filled concoctions.

Fresh and Fruity Sangria from Spa Bettie

Cantaloupe, watermelon … colorful and perfect for soaking up all that delicious wine and booze.

Cherry, Lime, and Watermelon Sangria

A taste of the tropics? Yes, please.

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Cocktail pops, sangria slushies, and, AND! sorbet! Brilliant.

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Kids, expectant mothers, and non-lushes will appreciate these alcohol-free refreshers.

Pineapple Mojito Sangria // 50 Sensational Summer Sangria Recipes | Kitchen Treaty

Right Wine for Sangria

One of the beauties of sangria is that you can use a variety of different wines in the recipe mix. Wines that have not been finished the day before often find their way into a jar of sangria. Kim Joy, Beverage Manager, Zuppa Hospitality who owns Slink & Bardot and Soufflé S'il Vous Plaît, likes to use red wines that are high on jammy fruits and low on tannins. “For the whites, opt for something clean and mellow like a Riesling, Pinot Grigio or a crisp Sauvignon Blanc,” he suggests.

Irrespective of which wine you choose, making the sangria a day before and letting it chill in the fridge ensures a flavourful concoction. “Keep it simple and clean and, don’t over complicate the sangria by adding too many flavours. Use sparkling wine instead of still wines to give a bubbly twist to the drink,” offers Nilesh Patel, Beverage Head - West, Impresario Entertainment & Hospitality Pvt Ltd for Salt Water Cafe. Ready to make your first pitcher? Here are the recipes…


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With warm weather just around the corner, rosé season is in sight! Whether or not you abide by the rosé all day mantra during the warmer months, rosé sangria is a fun twist on the classic. This rosé sangria recipe is a light, crisp, and easy spring and summer cocktail recipe to make for a crowd. It’s also a bit boozy but doesn’t taste like it, which in my opinion is the best kind of cocktail.

If you’ve always enjoyed drinking sangria, but weren’t sure how to make sangria, this easy batch cocktail recipe is for you! This rosé sangria with berries is made using a bottle of your favorite rosé wine, orange liqueur, brandy, a little sugar, and is loaded with strawberries, raspberries, and oranges. If you want to make your batch of sangria refined sugar free, I’ve outlined how you can do so below.

I hope you enjoy this summer sangria recipe! We’ll definitely be sipping on this all summer long.


Level of difficulty: Sangria is an easy cocktail to make. A little measuring, a little stirring, and minimal chopping and slicing of your fruit.

Flavor: This rosé sangria recipe is light, crisp, and refreshing with a bright citrusy and berry flavor profile.

Time: While it only takes about 5 minutes to prep and mix up your rosé sangria, overall time for this recipe is 1+ hours because it needs to chill for at least an hour to infuse the fresh fruit flavors into this cocktail.

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Rosé Wine: a robust, darker-hued rosé is the best rosé wine for sangria (more info below)

Orange Liqueur: you can use any orange liqueur you’d like. We’ve personally been using Grand Marnier, but you could also use popular orange liqueurs like Cointreau or Triple Sec.

Brandy: brandy is a liquor made by distilling wine, making it a great add-in for sangria

Sugar: this rosé sangria recipe has just enough sugar included to add the sweetness you want without going overboard and loading your drink with lots of added sugar

Berries: this rosé sangria recipe features fresh strawberries and raspberries, making it the best summer sangria! But feel free to have some fun with this and add in other fruits like blueberries or blackberries to your batch of sangria. You could also get wild and try peaches!

Oranges: fresh orange slices are a classic sangria ingredient

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In a large pitcher or container combine the brandy, orange liqueur, and sugar. Stir until the sugar has dissolved.

Add in the wine, orange slices, and berries.

Refrigerate until ready to serve. I recommend letting your sangria chill for at least a few hours to let the fruit "marinate".

Distribute among glasses with ice to serve. Option to top with sparkling water if desired.

mv2.jpg/v1/fit/w_750,h_499,al_c,q_20/file.jpg" />


What is the best rosé wine to use for sangria? Because sangria generally has a lot of flavorful elements, you want to use a rose that has enough body to hold it’s own in this drink. Look for a more robust rosé that is darker in color (versus it’s very pale counterparts) for your sangria. I’ve personally been loving using the Apothic Rosé in this recipe.

How do I make this sangria recipe refined sugar free? If you are working to keep refined sugars out of your diet, you can still enjoy this sangria recipe with one small swap! In place of the ¼ cup of granulated sugar, use 2 Tablespoons of agave syrup. Now you have a refined-sugar free cocktail you can sip on all summer long - whoo hoo!

Can I make this into a sparkling rosé sangria? I personally like my sangria on the boozy side, but I know a lot of people want a super light and bubbly rosé sangria for the summertime. This is easy to accomplish by topping your glass of rosé sangria with sparkling water to your liking! You can use plain sparkling water or a flavored sparkling water. This rosé sangria would taste great topped with orange, lemon, or tangerine sparkling water too.

Can I make this rosé sangria recipe for a crowd? Of course! You can easily double (or triple) this summer sangria recipe for a great party drink! You’ll just need to find a large enough container to mix and serve this in if making for a crowd. This would be a great large batch cocktail recipe for a summer BBQ, girls night, or your next family gathering.

Watch the video: SANGRIA RECIPE. easy authentic red sangria