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Chefday: Delivering Chef’s Signature Dishes to Your Door

Chefday: Delivering Chef’s Signature Dishes to Your Door

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A package arrives with everything you need to create a winning dish

There are a handful of companies out there that deliver everything you need to cook a great meal directly to your front door, but none are quite like Chefday, a Brooklyn-based startup that is currently delivering to New York City. Every single ingredient needed to make the dish, including salt and pepper, is pre-measured and included in a tidy brown bag along with detailed instructions, and recipes are all created by respected chefs. To top it off, all the steps that go into preparing each dish have been filmed, so you can watch the chef cooking the dish from your computer or mobile device while you cook along.

So what exactly do they offer? You can take a look at all their dishes on their website, but here are a few that they’re especially excited about with Valentine’s Day approaching:

Parmesan veal Milanese with a side salad, from Isola Trattoria chef Victor Laplaca

Scallop risotto from chef Luis Plaza (pictured)

Asparagus-stuffed salmon with citrus sauce from Lexington Brass chef Chris Leahy

Stir-fried green bean vermicelli from The Next Iron Chef runner-up Jehangir Mehta, with 12 vegetables and Indian spices

To get started, all you need to do is create an account (following that link will get you a special Daily Meal discount). From there you can browse all recipes, choose the number of servings you’re looking for, select what you’d like delivered, and the following day everything you need will be yours. If you’re looking to place an order for Valentine’s Day, just let them know by 11:50 p.m. the night before.

15 Meal Kits That Are Great For Two People

We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

This Wildly Popular Meal Delivery Service Just Launched Its Biggest Discount Ever

Even if home cooking is your preferred way of life, there&aposs no denying that coming up with recipe ideas and creating hyper-specific grocery lists can get old, fast. And if you&aposre a beginner chef, you&aposre probably tired of making the same three dishes you&aposre comfortable with over and over. And of course, the monotony of preparing dinner at home has only been exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic and quarantine. After more than 10 months of grocery lists, hundreds of meals eaten at home, and what has probably felt like thousands of dishes to do afterward, sometimes dinner just gets boring. 

Enter Home Chef, the meal subscription service that offers all the comfort of a home-cooked meal without a visit to the grocery store. Home Chef&aposs ingredients are fresh, the recipes are easy to follow, and right now, the service is offering its biggest discount ever—in other words, dinner time is about to get more interesting than it&aposs been in months. 

Daniel Boulud Partners with Goldbelly to Ship His Signature Dishes Nationwide

NEW YORK--( BUSINESS WIRE )--Michelin Starred Chef Daniel Boulud announced today the nationwide expansion of Daniel Boulud Kitchen (DBK), the delivery concept designed to bring classic culinary dishes to the home via a partnership with Goldbelly, America’s leading platform for food e-commerce. DBK launched in New York City, Westchester and the Hamptons in May 2020 and will now be available in all 50 states through

“ With much of the country still at home and unable to travel, we want Daniel Boulud Kitchen to be accessible to people everywhere to enjoy a celebratory meal at home,” said Chef Daniel Boulud. “ Now with Goldbelly, these classic French dishes will be available nationwide.”

Through specially curated meal kits, foodies across the country will have the opportunity to recreate Chef Boulud’s recipes in their homes with all the necessary ingredients. Items include:

  • Bouillabaisse Kit for 4 ($379): Chef Daniel Boulud’s authentic Bouillabaisse, a traditional Provençal seafood stew. In just one pot and a few simple steps, you can teleport your family and friends to the coast of the French Riviera.
  • Beef and Butter Kit for 4 ($329): A variety of three cuts of beef from Scharbauer Ranch, Chef Daniel Boulud’s favorite ranch in Texas, along with three different compound butters to accompany the beef: Red Wine-Shallot, Smoked Red Pepper and Persillade.
  • Red Wine Braised Beef Short Ribs Kit for 4 ($349): Chef Daniel Boulud’s signature 12-hour Red Wine Braised Short Ribs, a classical Provençal dinner complete with seasonal vegetables.
  • French Sweets Gift Box by Épicerie Boulud($135): Handpicked French sweets by Chef Daniel Boulud. The box includes traditional French Lemon Madeleines, Cannelés de Bordeaux, Pâte de Fruits, and seasonal gluten-free Macarons.

“ As one of the greatest chefs of our time, we are so excited to be partnering with Chef Daniel Boulud to offer some of his most signature dishes," said Joe Ariel, founder and CEO of Goldbelly. “ As Goldbelly seeks to empower the best chefs to reach people nationwide, we can't wait to provide this elevated culinary experience from Chef Boulud to homes across the country.”

Specialty menus for holidays and seasonal gifting opportunities will also be available via Goldbelly, including Seder, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, New Years and more. Other offerings will be available in the near future including tastings of salmon and French charcuterie.

Taste Delivers Michelin-Star Dishes Right To Your Doorstep

For upper-middle class couples working white-collar jobs, lining up schedules for a reservation at an exclusive, fancy restaurant is challenging. Throw kids into the mix and it’s near impossible. COVID-19 further complicates the situation as indoor dining has been prohibited throughout much of the pandemic (although restrictions are starting to lift as vaccinations continue to increase across the country).

Is the traditional, exorbitant restaurant date night dead? Must we rely on GrubHub, UberEats, and DoorDash to deliver our needs while Netflix plays in the background?

Not if Daryl Sew and Jeff Chen can help it. The two cofounders created Taste, an online marketplace where you can select meals from high-end restaurants and have the food shipped to your door to consume in the comfort of your home. The company recently completed Y Combinator accelerator program as a part of the Winter 2021 batch and is based in New York City.

Taste cofounders Daryl Sew (left) and Jeff Chen (right).

Frederick Daso: What are some of the key difficulties of getting high-quality food while living in the suburbs?

Daryl Sew: The hardest part is that there aren't great local restaurant options in many suburban towns. Places like Tuxedo Park, NY Valhalla, NY Lehigh Valley, PA - can be missing entire cuisine types, such as Mexican, Contemporary American, and Korean. So to get high-quality food in their desired cuisine, suburbanites have to travel long distances, often by car. Furthermore, parents with small children need to get a babysitter to go out, and if they want to enjoy wine pairings or cocktails, they have to get an expensive and inconvenient taxi or hotel.

Their alternative, then, is to spend hours gathering exotic, expensive ingredients from specialty stores and cook at home. Which they're tired of since they're already cooking most of their meals.

Or they can push a button and have a Taste shipped to them!

Daso: Why don't existing food delivery platforms like GrubHub, Uber Eats, Door Dash, and others cater to those willing to spend more on expensive dishes?

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Sew: It turns out that they do, but only to people who are very close to the restaurant, as through delivery, it's not economical to send drivers more than a few miles from the restaurant.

Through shipping, Taste offers diners easy access to great restaurants, no matter where they live. For the banker Carlos who used to live in NYC and has moved out to the Jersey suburbs, we can bring him the great Mexican options he used to enjoy all the time.

Daso: What's your ideal customer profile? Where do they like to eat and how frequently? What's stopping them from consuming more Michelin-level meals?

Sew: Our favorite profile is a family who lived in New York, then had kids and moved out to the suburbs. They used to go out to nice restaurants such as Huertas or Houseman 2-3 times a week in the city, and now they travel out to a nice restaurant once every few months. They'd love to have nice dinners more often, but the travel time is a hassle, and it's very difficult for them to cook these cuisines at home.

Daso: Most meals are designed to eat-in-house for some high-end restaurants, as the building's atmosphere plays a role in enhancing food consumption. How do you get both consumers and restaurants on board with food delivery instead?

Sew: Taste meals are designed to be eaten in the home! Chefs design menus to travel, and dishes come with easy finishing and plating instructions. For example, Nicolas Abello of L'Appart ships par-cooked fish finished in the oven at home, and sauces are poured on top to serve.

Cod shipped from L'Appart and plated at home by a user.

Restaurants also provide playlists and wine pairings, and users can 'play chef' and have fun plating dishes at home - it's certainly not the same as at the restaurant, but the convenience of it all is huge. Consumers love the ease of access.

Taste restaurants are excited about increasing their revenues and reach through shipping, and they love seeing the diner feedback every week. Restaurants can make thousands of dollars each week by preparing these orders when their staff has downtime, so it's a pretty sweet value proposition.

Daso: How have you managed the logistics of food delivery of high-end meals at scale across the country? Are there any unique challenges attributed to delivering expensive dishes that you've had to solve?

Sew: Thanks to partnerships with major shipping carriers, we don't have as many logistical challenges as a DoorDash or an UberEats. Our general approach to logistics is 1. Do it manually. 2. Automate it with software. This enables our operations team and our restaurants to handle more and more complexity using the power of software. For example, in the beginning, we were editing menus manually in a Google Doc and selling food by calling up users and asking them if they liked the menu. Our software facilitates marketing and frequent menu changes, as many of our restaurants have seasonal menus.

With delivering expensive dishes, every minor detail matters, as customers have high expectations - you can't just throw everything together in a takeout box. Trust me - we tried this once, and the box arrived looking like a huge soup who knows what ordeals that box went through being shipped to us.

We were able to collaborate with Michelin-rated chefs, including chef Jonah Miller of Huertas, and Jonathan Benno of Benno, to develop methods of packaging the food to keep it fresh and protected along the way. We also found the sweet spot of preparation where diners spend minimal time but a high level of quality is maintained.

For example, Jonah ships his signature saffron fried rice in a vacuum pouch - customers have to heat in a pan for a few minutes to crisp up the rice, top with provided aioli, and they can have delicious Spanish tapas at home.

Benno ships their brown butter ravioli in a sturdy aluminum container, and users dip into boiling water for 2 minutes, then serve with provided brown butter sauce and parmesan.

Michelin Guide Baar Baar's Shortrib Curry, shipping nationwide - plated at home by Daryl

Daso: What motivated you and your team to focus on multi-course meals versus a single dish?

Sew: We're focused on making it easy for users to have a nice dinner at home. Multi-course menus were a good fit, as most nice dinners involve at least a few courses. Users love the ease of choice, and with our finishing instructions, they can fully enjoy a multi-course dinner at home at their own pace.

Now, as we're expanding our product, we're offering a la carte ordering on most restaurants - so users have a 'chef's choice' combo they can default to, and pickier users can get exactly what they want through a la carte.

Daso: How have you and your team managed the tradeoff between developing new features and dealing with growth challenges at scale? Are there areas of technical debt that are now raising issues about how you originally built your infrastructure powering the Taste marketplace?

Sew: Fortunately, my cofounder and I have a strong engineering background, so we're often able to make the right tradeoffs between quality and speed of implementation. I studied Computer Science at Cornell, and Jeff studied Computer Science at Berkeley and Stanford, and we've both built products used by millions of people before.

That being said, the inevitable bug or redesign needs to happen - we set up a biweekly bug squash day where the engineering team competes to solve the most bugs and tech debt issues (winner gets a discount on a Taste!).

Daso: How has working on Taste shaped your view of your personal impact on the world?

Sew: I knew I wanted to maximize my impact on the world, and before Taste, I had an inkling that starting a company would be the best way to do that, likely from Paul Graham's essays.

Now, every week we talk to excited diners who call us "food angels" for offering them this service. One of our restaurant partners told us that through Taste, they could turn a small profit despite the crazy times and keep their staff on payroll.

Although it's been a lot of hard work, these experiences have given me a strong grounding that working on Taste is the best way to maximize my personal impact. There's something special about the magical step from "zero to one," and I'm excited to bring happiness to more diners and restaurants.


Inspired by New York. Introduced in Kensington. Since then we've ascended to the top of Kingly Court, Carnaby, before making our way East to the kitchens of Shoreditch, back to Soho and most recently up to Oxford. Our NYC-inspired comfort food menu has covered a lot of ground over the last few years, with no plans to slow down anytime soon.

And now we’ve decided to spread the good vibes even further. Working with our delivery partners across the country, you can now get your Dirty Bones fix delivered directly to your couch, office, or kitchen table in neighbourhoods surrounding Battersea, Wandsworth, Soho, Kensington, Shoreditch, Canary Wharf, Manchester and Oxford.

We’re proud of our signature dishes, and we’re committed to ensuring the same amount of love goes into the dishes served at our restaurants as the dishes we’re delivering to your door.

The same talented chefs, signature recipes and quality ingredients used in making each dish created at our house, now available for delivery to yours.

We're back, back again with the good vibes on lock! Grab your crew and book a table up to six in our restaurants at Soho, Kensington, Shoreditch & Oxford to enjoy your fave DB eats and sips inside. Oxford is also raising the roof on our rooftop terrace, reserved for walk-ins only.

Scotland deliveries

The Gate

Back in May, owner of The Gate Bar, Andy Gemmell, created a new drinks delivery service which offers bespoke cocktails.

The Create my Cocktail service was devised by Andy and the team at The Gate for those missing having bespoke drinks made for them in bars.

Bartenders at The Gate are used to developing bespoke cocktails creations on the spot for their guests when they visit their bar, and with their new Create my Cocktail Glasgow residents can now enjoy their favourite cocktails from the comfort of their home.

The Gate’s Create My Cocktail is a cocktail delivery and collection service with one unique difference, they create a cocktail totally bespoke to you based on flavours you love.

Cocktails fans simply fill out five questions on their online generator, and the team will be able to work out what style and flavours to use to create a own bespoke cocktail recipe. All drinks can be then delivered locally or collected from the Gate.

For anyone looking for a classic serve, then the team have a selection of favourite and house specials alongside a cocktail party package, which includes a premium battle of spirit, party punch and access to fun virtual tastings to get the party started.

Home by Nico

Home by Nico was launched in April during lockdown, and offers fans of the restaurants in Glasgow and Edinburgh a chance to recreate dishes at home for either four or two people.

Themes have included a world tour with: a Greek experience, French Riviera, Chinese fusion and Mexican Fiesta – with menus selling out in minutes for delivery in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Speaking at the launch of the service, chef and owner of Six by Nico, Nico Simeone said: “Many of our customers are missing the ritual of going out to eat but being at home during the isolation period doesn’t have to mean going without the finest restaurant cooking.

“Our new dining experience will allow customers to enjoy unique ready-to-bake meals accompanied by exquisite wines in the comfort of your own home.”

To see the latest menu and order, click here.

Home by Modou

Formerly 111 by Nico, 111 by Modou came into existence in early March when Nico Simeone gifted his restaurant to head chef and former refugee, Modou Diagne.

After the lockdown, 111 by Modou opened on Friday 21 August, but given the latest restrictions, has launched an at home cooking kit.

The kits are available to order online now and include a five course dining experience, priced at £60 for two.

Much like the restaurant, the at home menu highlights local and seasonal ingredients.

For more information, visit the 111 by Modou website.

Sugo pasta kits

Sugo, the sister restaurant Paesano pizza, opened in Glasgow in 2019 to much acclaim. Their freshly made, budget friendly pasta dishes meant that, in normal times, the huge restaurant on Mitchell Street was packed.

Now you can create some of their more popular dishes from your own kitchen thanks to the Sugo pasta kits.

Available for delivery nationwide, dishes include Sugo classics such as spinach and ricotta ravioli with sage butter and pappardelle with slow cooked beef ragu.

Everything you need to prepare your favourite Sugo pasta dish at home in minutes is included in the kit.

To find out more and order, visit the Sugo at Home website.

Eusebi Deli

Eusebi Deli, a popular Italian restaurant and deli in Glasgow's west end, recently launched their very own at-home pasta kits - bringing their delicious dishes to homes across the city.

The pasta is made from scratch daily in the Pasta Laboratory and then shipped out in kits containing everything you need to make restaurant-quality pasta at home.

Pasta dishes include: Penne with Aubergine Caponata, Fettucine Bolognese and Nduja Ravioli.

The online shop also has ready to cook sourdough pizza, focaccia and prepared meals, such as Yesterday's Lasagne.


Picture: Mothership Scotland

Mothership, the online drinks retailer set up by the founders of Edinburgh’s award-winning cocktail bar Bramble, announced back in March that it would start stocking products from other, local producers with shipping across the UK mainland.

While Bramble and its sister bars, Lucky Liquor Co. and the Last Word Saloon, are closed in line with the Government’s instructions during these challenging times, Mothership is able to continue delivering directly to home cocktail enthusiasts via online delivery.

“This is a really tough time for hospitality,” said co-founder Jason Scott, “but we’re fortunate that we have an avenue where we can still do what we’re best at – getting great drinks into people’s hands to help them enjoy themselves.

"It might not be much, but hopefully it’s something that can help bring a little joy and every sale through Mothership helps us for the future when we can reopen the bars.”

Your freshly made drinks will arrive in a branded box, and kept safe from breakages by being packaged with popcorn (rather than any plastic).

To see what's on offer - including cocktails, beer, wine and spirits - and place an order, visit their website.

Fhior at Home

Foodies in Edinburgh can tuck into a three course dinner of seasonal fare from Fhior thanks to Fhior at Home.

The team say: "We have created a delicious and simple to finish at home three course menu - with some additional bits and pieces - for you to be able to finish and assemble in the comfort of your home.

"All our menus come with easy to follow instructions and a little guidance on how we would plate the dish in the restaurant, of course feel free to ignore this and use your own creative eye."

Diners can collect or delivery is available to postcodes EH1 - EH17 from Wednesday to Saturday.

To find out more and place an order, click here.

Glasgow Cocktail Collective

The Glasgow Cocktail Collective offers drinks delivery from a range of bars across the city.

Launched in September, their talented bartenders have created new drinks and packages to tempt your taste-buds, while we are unable to go out for a drink.

New drinks on offer include a Ribena Margarita - bursting with blackcurrants with added tequila, and the passionfruit favourite Naked Porn Star martini that’s served straight up without Prosecco.

There’s also a Blood Orange Margarita created by Phillie’s of Shawlands with Cascabel Blanco, Cointreau, fresh blood orange juice and a squeeze of lime.

Founding members of the Glasgow Cocktail Collection (GCC) include bars such as Vodka Wodka in the west end, Blue Dog, speakeasy Kelvingrove Café, alongside Redmonds and Phillies of Shawlands.

Drinks are delivered chilled to customers' door, complete with ice and garnish. All cocktails are available to order now from Deliveroo, The Bevy Store and The GCC App.

Cask Smugglers

Edinburgh bar, Cask Smugglers, may be closed but you can still enjoy their cocktails at home, as the team have recently announced a delivery service to capital residents.

Cocktail fans can look forward to classic serves to be shaken up at home, complete with garnishes and a guide on how to make the drink at home.

Delivery is free within the EH1-EH17 postcode area. Click here to find out more information regarding delivery times and areas.

One to look out for.

Tom Kitchin posted that "guests will soon be able to enjoy their Scran and Bonnie Badger favourites at home. More to come.."


The Riding House Café

Soul Ride is the Caribbean delivery operation by The Riding House Café, a smart brasserie that, back in The Great Old Days (pre-2020), was perfect for pretty much every occasion. Now, they’re doing meal kits for every occasion. As well as a prosecco-fuelled pancake brunch box, there’s a Caribbean take on the Sunday roast, a huge steak night dinner for two, a five spice DIY negroni situation, and their mammoth big weekender box that’ll keep you fed through till Monday.


Chuku’s chop, chat, chill kits won’t just sort out your dinner, they’ll sort out your whole evening. Their ‘House Wrapper’ meal kit not only comes with a sweet and spicy honey suya sauce, a meat of your choice, house salad, and their signature jollof quinoa, you also get a QR code that’ll lead you to hours of entertainment. We’re talking upbeat playlists, contemporary Nigerian art to peruse, dinnertime conversation starters, and a short film about an Afrobeat legend. Heads up, there’s also a vegan option and the sticky caramel kuli kuli chicken side is a must.

Brasserie Zédel

You, planning an emergency date night having forgotten to take the rubbish out yet again: Bon soir mon amour, a little steak haché et frites for my petite chouchou? Yes, Corbin and King - the people behind iconic London restaurants The Wolseley, Fischer’s, and Brasserie Zedel - are saving date nights everywhere with their heat-at-home kits. As well as Zédel classics like the mousse au chocolat, you can also opt for signature dishes from their other restaurants, including The Wolseley’s schnitzel, Fischer’s black forest gateau, and seared sea bass from The Delaunay.

Calling all chicken pun fans, there’s a new DIY buttermilk chicken burger kit in town. Around The Cluck is the lockdown chicken operation from the people behind Islington’s 12:51 and importantly, it involves smoky bacon crumbs. Expect crispy jerk chicken thigh, brioche buns, scotch bonnet jam, and something that sounds entirely magical, blue cheese mousse.

CERU South Kensington

Ceru is a Levantine restaurant in South Kensington that we’ve always hit up when we want to pretend we’re somewhere far, far away eating houmous by the bucketful. Now you can bring that whole sunshine feeling home with their very aesthetically pleasing meal kits, that come complete with a silky cloth wrap that yes, we will be wearing as a neckerchief to the cornershop, thank you very much. Starting at £40 there are multiple kits to choose from, including a beef fillet option, and a slow roasted lamb shoulder situation that comes with spiced roast potatoes.

Jim's Cafe

Jim’s Café is a Clapton biker café that is secretly home to one of London’s best burgers. Their online shop is offering nationwide delivery on plenty of bottled cocktails and wine, but they’re also doing a rotation of meaty meal kits. The food offerings change regularly and go quick, so keep an eye on their Instagram for the latest flat iron steak options and date night specials.

Kricket White City

Can you be bothered to julienne some ginger? No? Same. Luckily modern Indian restaurant Kricket is doing all the hard work for you with their butter chicken curry kit. As well as pre-julienned ginger (hello chef), you’ll receive tandoori chicken marinade, makhani sauce, dal, and plenty of other tasty things to help you have the perfect curry night.

Berber & Q Shawarma Bar

The words ‘shawarma-spiced butter’ makes us salivate. If you’re having a similar reaction then check out Berber And Q’s cauliflower shawarma kit. For £27 you get a whole cauliflower, plenty of pita bread, their signature hummus, spicy zhoug, crispy chickpeas, pine nuts, and pomegranate molasses for peak decorative fun. Oh, and did we mention the shawarma-spiced butter?

Flesh & Buns

Bao make us happy. Maybe it’s the fluffy buns, maybe it’s the delicious fillings, or maybe we just really, really like anything you’re allowed to eat with your bare hands. Either way the sound of Flesh and Buns kit has got us very excited. It includes bao buns, karashi, piglet belly, pickled apples, and a bamboo steamer you can use time and time again.

Lucky & Joy

The Chinese-inspired neighbourhood favourite in Clapton is doing a limited number of Hainanese chicken rice meal kits. The poached chicken is served with aromatic chicken broth, rice cooked in the poaching liquid and pandan leaves, plus ginger and spring onion sauce, and a fermented chilli one too. DM or call 020 8617 8100 to order.

St. John Bar And Restaurant

The legendary restaurant is shipping bone marrow, braised duck leg, and Eccles cake with Lancashire cheese nationwide. Don’t weep a single tear of joy just yet, because they’re being snapped up quick via Dishpatch. There are also some alternative dishes available for collection direct from the St. John website.


Duck confit, pork belly, and Toulouse sausage cassoulet is the current offering from Perilla, the über cool-but-casual restaurant in Newington Green. It’s up to you how many courses you go for, a main and their sourdough with brown butter will cost you £30. Throw in some bouillabaisse and a citrus posset and it’ll be a bit more.

Homies On Donkeys

Unit 38 Wood Street Indoor Market

In normal times the Walthamstow taqueria is a local favourite with adobo chicken, prawns al mojo de ajo, and soy al pastor tacos. The good news is that every Friday they’re doing a limited number of taco kits for collection or local delivery. The toppings switch up, but in the past they’ve done things like tunita pibil - a tuna take on the Yucatán pork dish - and for vegetarians, refried beans with roasted cauliflower and more.

Noodle & Beer

The Chongqing noodle and Sichuanese spot has a few different noodle kits on offer via its website, like za-jiang mian (minced pork with wheat noodles, chickpeas, peanuts, cabbage, herbs, chilli oil, and sauce), or su-jiao mian, a vegetarian option with Sichuan-style grilled padron peppers.

Tacos Padre

Winchester Walk, Jubilee Place

There’s something about not having to slow-cook your lamb for nine hours that makes the lamb barbacoa meal kit at Tacos Padre’s online shop so appealing. Their taco kits come with fresh corn tortillas, lime, onion, coriander, and extra spicy habanero guacachile salsa. Choose between lamb, pork cochinita, beef short-rib, and cauliflower al pastor. Or don’t choose, and order them all for a big taco night, along with a margarita pouch, or a bottle of mezcal margarita. Order via their online shop.

Minamishima, Melbourne

You can't sit by Koichi Minamishima's sushi counter right now, but you can savour his shabu-shabu hotpot with A5 Wagyu from Kagoshima – the best he's tried overseas. "As the wagyu is meant to be briefly swished through the broth until it just changes colour, we serve it uncooked for guests to prepare at home," he says. There is also chirashizushi ("scattered sushi"), usually served during Japan's cherry blossom season and summer festivals, and Hokkaido scallops and king crab flown from Japan.

Melbourne's Minamishima offers haute Japanese cuisine, such as chirashizushi, delivered.

We’ve got all of your favorite recipes and cuisines covered. With the most comprehensive range of plant-based meats available, it’s just a simple switch.

Our chefs have perfected Hungry Planet Chicken™, Beef, Pork, Crab, Italian Sausage, and Chorizo, but we won’t stop there. Even more proteins coming soon.

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Made with Hungry Planet Chicken ™ Grilled Strips

Crispy Chicken Wrap Hack

Made with Hungry Planet Crispy Fried Chicken ™

Thai Meatballs and Zoodles

Made with Hungry Planet Thai Meatballs ™

Beef Crunch Wrap SUPREME

Made with Hungry Planet BEEF ™

Chipotle Chicken Patty Tray Bake

Made with Hungry Planet Chicken ™ Chipotle Patty

Southwest Chipotle Chicken Tacos

Made with Hungry Planet Chicken ™ Southwest Chipotle Patty

Crab Rangoon Crisps

Made with Hungry Planet CRAB ™ CAKES

Corn Chowder Crab Cake

Made with Hungry Planet Crab ™ Cakes

Chicken Karaage

Made with Hungry Planet Chicken ™

Crispy Pork Lo Mein

Made with Hungry Planet PORK ™

Hungry Planet Crumble Calamarata Red Pepper Pasta

Made with Hungry Planet Italian Sausage ™ Crumble

Italian Meatballs with Spaghetti Squash

Made with Hungry Planet Italian Sausage ™ Meatballs

A Hungry Planet Pizza

Made with Hungry Planet Italian Sausage ™ Crumble

Chicken Strip Taco Bowl

Made with Hungry Planet ® Grilled Chicken Strips

Chicken Quinoa Enchilada

Made with Hungry Planet Chicken ™

Hungry Planet Chicken Cheeseburger

Made with Hungry Planet Chicken ™

Hearty Shepherd’s Pie

Made with Hungry Planet Beef ™

BBQ Rib Sandwich

Made with Hungry Planet Pork ™

Nacho Chili Pie

Made with Hungry Planet Beef ™

Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese

Made with Hungry Planet Chicken ™

Creamy Beef Mac & Cheese

Made with Hungry Planet Beef ™

Gyoza Ramen

Made with Hungry Planet Gyoza ™

Weekday Crispy Chicken Parm

Made with Hungry Planet Crispy Chicken ™

Crispy Chicken Nacho Bites

Made with Hungry Planet Crispy Chicken ™

Sweet and Spicy Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Made with Hungry Planet Chicken ™

Creamy Chicken and Rice

Made with Hungry Planet Chicken ™

Butternut Stuffing

Made with Hungry Planet Italian Sausage ™

Sheet Pan Pesto Chicken

Made with Hungry Planet Chicken ™

Chicken Marsala Meatballs

Made with Hungry Planet Chicken ™

Korean Beef and Vegetables Stir Fry

Made with Hungry Planet Beef ™

Country Biscuits and Gravy

Made with Hungry Planet Italian Sausage ™

Easy Stuffed Manicotti

Made with Hungry Planet Beef ™

Crab and Artichoke Dip

Made with Hungry Planet Crab ™ ️ Cakes

Creamy Chicken Parmesan Pasta with Spinach

Made with Hungry Planet Chicken ™

Big Mak Wrap

Made with Hungry Planet Beef ™ Patties

Italian Sausage Piadina

Made with Hungry Planet Italian Sausage ™

Sweet Heat Chicken and Waffles

Made with Hungry Planet Chicken ™

Stuffed Peppers

Made with Hungry Planet Italian Sausage ™

Loaded Taco Pizza

Made with Hungry Planet Beef ™

Beef Empanadas

Made with Hungry Planet Beef ™

Pork Lettuce Wraps

Made with Hungry Planet Pork ™

Sloppy Joe

Made with Hungry Planet Beef ™

Chicken Tikka Masala Meatballs

Made with Hungry Planet Chicken ™

Beef Chili Adobo

Made with Hungry Planet Beef ™

Brunch Lasagna

Made with Hungry Planet Italian Sausage ™

Tuscan Meatballs and Spaghetti

Made with Hungry Planet Beef ™

Chicken Gyro Pita

Made with Hungry Planet Chicken ™

Stacked Taco Burger

Made with Hungry Planet Beef ™

Mile High Patty Melt

Made with Hungry Planet Beef ™

Southwest Chicken Salad

Made with Hungry Planet Chicken ™

Sweet Heat BBQ Chicken Pizza

Made with Hungry Planet Chicken ™

Pork Spring Rolls

Made with Hungry Planet Pork ™

BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich

Made with Hungry Planet Pork ™

Rainbow Teriyaki Chicken Kabobs

Made with Hungry Planet Chicken ™

Pork Noodles with Hot Bean Sauce

Made with Hungry Planet Pork ™

Meatball Sub

Made with Hungry Planet Italian Sausage ™

Philly Cheesesteak Burger

Made with Hungry Planet Beef ™

Enchilada Azteca

Made with Hungry Planet Chicken ™

Chorizo and Pear Crostini

Made with Hungry Planet Chorizo ™

Baked Penne Bolognese

Made with Hungry Planet Italian Sausage ™

Pork Fried Rice

Made with Hungry Planet Pork ™

Maryland-Style Crab Cakes

Made with Hungry Planet Crab ™

Our company was born from our mission.

It’s what pushes us further every day. We’ve already helped provide over one million plant-based meals to underserved communities. Through all of our collective efforts, together, we are a force for change.

Our Hope

Better for our health and the health of our planet.

Our planet needs us. Every time you sit down to eat, you have the opportunity to be a hero for your health, the earth and the animals. Whether we do it every day or once a month, eating more plant-based meals provides an elegant solution to many of the world’s most pressing problems.

Simply reducing the amount of conventional meat you eat is one of the easiest and most impactful ways to help our planet and improve our health. But it doesn’t have to be all or nothing – in fact our hope is that we’ve made plant-based meats so delicious that even the most serious carnivore looks forward to the swap once in a while.


By chefs, for chefs.

Our professional chefs have made it easy to include more sustainable options on any menu. Tasty, simple to prepare, and versatile, our plant-based meats are unmatched. We love collaborating with chefs to create delicious dishes across global cuisines.

Watch the video: Chef Stories: 10 σεφ μαγειρεύουν και αποκαλύπτουν τα μυστικά τους στο