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Freshly fried homemade sausages in Dry Cooker

Freshly fried homemade sausages in Dry Cooker

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Simple easy, tastes and sanstos

  • 1 kg of fresh house sausages
  • 50 ml water

Servings: 6

Preparation time: less than 60 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Freshly fried homemade sausages in Dry Cooker:

Put water in the pan, then roll the sausage cover and let it boil, then with something sharp, knife, fork prick from place to place to get the excess water (and the sausage will not crack). Let it fry well on both sides (if it leaves more liquid, empty it)

After frying, portion and serve as such or with the desired garnishes.

Let it help you.

P.S does not require fat because it comes out of sausages

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Or serve with mustard or horseradish

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I see that Santa Claus has come to you. to share pans of these here and there .. bravo

Pfuuu, with that you touched me :)))))))
And with the other pan, now that's it. ready knock-out :)))
I go to Delimano to propose them if they don't come to me =)))).
Very flour!

Could I not be wrong?: D :)))
very *

I really liked what the chicken breast pastrami looks like!

Gabi, did I touch you with the pan? :))) Not. that it hurts. :)))

Good luck negotiating with Delimano. )

Thanks Pansy! : * And it's good. )

Minoki. frying pan? :))) Or the food? :)))

Yes & # 39 where do I find them? Enter the mess? :))))
I was joking: p

Hi, I would also have a question about how thick the pan is, it's like the one from Tefal, thank you

I don't have a frying pan from Tefal so I can make a comparison. But it's solid enough, so to speak. :)

damn n u are b one of nik am from deliman a porkrie n u take k take the big spike with them

Anonymous, I'm sorry you thought you took the plunge. Why do you think this? What didn't you like about her? It's good to know the other negative parts, which I didn't find in this pan yet. :)

what kind of fire do you put it on?
if the eye on the stove has the fire too wide, it heats the central cone and its proximity at the base and burns that piece, yes?
I have a Teflon dry cooker and that's what happens, and somewhere it's normal.
the food comes out good on low heat, which sends heat only on the central chimney, but it takes time, more than anything I advertise on TV, yes?
please clarify

I put the pan on the small eye from the stove, with the fire given to the medium, neither big nor small, that is. :)
Yes, what you say happens on the big eye, it burns on the side from & quothorn & quot.
I don't know the TV commercial, I rarely watch TV, much less the commercials. But. most of the time I cook with chicken, which is done quickly. I don't think it took more than 30-40 minutes until the food was ready.

considering the types of stove eyes in RO I personally consider that it would have been much better if the central chimney had been wider, including the pan would have occupied more of the part allocated to a stove eye
the problem remains time

Hi, I would be interested if you put a lot of steam in the house

Look, I ignored that aspect. I always cook with the window open and I didn't realize if it was steaming a lot or not. But I don't think more than if you cooked in a normal pan. :)

I'll try the pan tomorrow and I'll tell you how the food came out

I also bought the pan about a month and a half ago and & quotanonim & quot is right. indeed they are made dietary, but they stick. it's not like in a TV commercial that you wipe with a napkin and clean it. I soak it to wash it well without scratching it. I greased it with oil every time I did something and the potatoes stick to it. as well as meat if it is not fat to leave more juice. I didn't even try without oil at all ..if it sticks like that, but without oil at all. I'm unhappy with her. and a LOT OF MONEY AND WASTE. I could also prepare it in Teflon or Teflon pans

Today I also tried the magic pan, I cooked pork neck and potatoes cut into 4-6 slices, I put a little oil but still caught and it disappointed me. Maybe I made the mistake of using the big flame from the stove. Tomorrow I will cook chicken legs and I will try on the medium or low flame of the stove, and in terms of taste the potatoes tasted like baked, and the meat was slightly crispy. It seemed fadacsi was not juicy in terms of time - cooking takes less time. I will be lucky for those who know how to cook

use the ciaun to the brothers as in grandma's time and surely the food is even tastier and better. Greetings.

Can anyone tell me if I can use the Delimano frying pan and the induction hob or vitro-ceramic?

I don't know how they don't burn, like me, although I grease the pan with a little oil and return the vegetables and meat, they still burn in the Dry cooker Ceramica. Although I use medium heat at the small eye of the stove.
Indeed, vegetables and meat taste good if you eliminate burns.
But in the commercial how to say they burn. )))))

stela c. I also suffered from burning my chicken legs, and the fish softens and breaks very easily when you want to turn the meat. I would like to ask if you cook the chicken with skin or not.

I bought an ORIGINAL ceramic dalimano dry cooker pan and believe me it is something fantastic, what I prepare has an impressive taste and the fact that I use a little oil is super.
Very important are on the market soooo many cheap imitations, think logically a quality product can not cost little,

Who says it's a big mess to know he's right. For about 1 and 1/2 hour I have chicken and potato wings on the stove in this wonderful pan and I think that not even half are made. Not to mention the smoke coming out of the whole house. Don't take it for granted, brother.

Hi, I'm Denisa and my mother also has the special Dry Cooker Ceramic pan! They advertise the pan, but it's not really useful at all! The first time my mother cooked and the potatoes and meat stuck to the pan! good in a way that you eat healthy!

I don't know where you see so much goodness in this pan, don't get drunk with cold water. I use ceramic pans from Tefal for cooking. I challenge you to make a fried egg in this dry bowl. to see if it turns out good, or you make french fries.

It is normal for everyone to say that it is good, that only the Romanian is foolish to admit that he gave 150 lei for a 3 lei pan

I hope you approve the comment!


I also tried the pan for the version with thighs, potatoes and vegetables, and that the first use was f ok (and NO, I didn't add a drop of oil). We'll see how it behaves along the way. I also took the pancake pan from them and I'm happy with it too (I'm curious how it behaves over time, more precisely if it lasts longer than the Tefal one that I have to throw away now)

the one from Delimano, for ceramics, can't be 59 lei.
(just like a Tefal one of 100 lei, you can't compare it with a 10 lei one in the hypermarket)

I would also like to order my original ceramic dry cooker pan from delimano and I would like to know if they are really good, the food does not stick to them. I also saw other very cheap sites, but they are probably fakes, I wouldn't risk it. If I give a penny, I'd like to know it's worth it. An acquaintance also took a cheap Teflon dry cooker pan, about 69 lei from a site, he also said that it is the original one seen on TV, while he cooked everything in it to burn and had a smoke in the house her husband thought the house was on fire. So what do you say it's worth delimano or is it still a more expensive stake?

From my point of view, the pan is worth the money. I have not used or seen up close another pan like this (cheaper) so I can make a comparison. But since we can't compare the cheap Teflon imitations with the real ones from Tefal, I guess it's the same here.

And then, if you want to cook healthier. Definitely the potatoes will not taste like french fries, but baked potatoes. the meat will be more "dry" than the one cooked in oil and will not be as brown and reddish as the one made in the oil pan. Unless you insist and then for sure the burn will appear. It all depends on what you expect in terms of the final result cooked in this pan.

* the stove eye that fits perfectly on the central part of the pan (the one with holes) must be used, and the fire must be medium to small.
* the lid will not rise many times during cooking, thus losing heat and cooking time increases.
* if you want juicier meat, add a little oil

Hi Miha, I've had the delimano pan for 1 year and I'm very happy with it. I don't know how others say it's not good. My husband bought it for me as a gift, he saw the commercial at the top-shop on TV and it's worth the money, I made pandispan, muffin dough, potatoes, omelette, fish, chicken, pork. small stove I use it small for cakes and suitable for the rest, I wait until it is hot enough it has that heat sensor on the handle and normal as a mixture from time to time.
I really say that for the diet you put a little oil as the rest is done in steam, you also save on oil, and if you want to put more oil it is ok. The thinner meat comes out drier and the thicker one comes out ok. it doesn't catch much but leave a little warm water for a while and you're done. I took several products from them are really good.

I have an original kosmodisk with the logo (hologram) from them, just as much money is worth it, when my back hurts I put it in the evening and in the morning I'm ok, and then I wear it a few days later I throw it back and forth. and a leaflet with some exercises. but who to do them.) but still relieves the pain, while in the real halls on the halls you find merchandise like on TV but not original, expl kosmodiscul very cheap and did not have the logo, probably those who take this cheap cosmodisk I say it's not good, now I don't say about everything it's great what's on TV .I said my opinion because I have this pan it's worth the money .lenna

I didn't try to make cakes. Thanks Lenna. : *

On the website, the lowest price for a ceramic pan is 99 lei and reaches up to 199 lei (dry cooker), so anything at a lower price can only be a fake (and it is not the only one ). So, be very careful where you buy them.

Can I use the delimano dry cooker pan on the induction hob or the vitroceramic electric hob? I want to know if the stove glass is stained or if it is easily secured. I want clear details, not heard.

You can use the dry cooker pan on induction hobs or electric ceramic hobs, do not stain the vitroceramic glass, it is easy to clean, how to proceed? I want details from connoisseurs, not from hearsay.
Thank you

how can i remove burns around steam holes?

Dia, I'm sorry. I can not help you.

Good evening, Miha
today I cooked in dry cooker pangasius pane with very little oil and then I came up with the idea to make burnt sugar cream, both came out great.
First I made the fish then I wiped only with a napkin and ready, I put the cream (the cream comes from 5 eggs, 1/2 l milk, 5 lg sugar and another 5 lg sugar for burnt sugar that I burned directly in pan) I left for about 30 minutes without lifting the lid at all.

The secret: the pan has a temperature sensor on the handle that is black, but when it reaches the optimum temperature it turns red (it doesn't take very long) and the rest of what you said at the beginning is correct, I also made unmasted bread from Ana Maria and a few smaller sticks smeared with egg came out crispy, the bread does not brown nicely on top and the rest comes out bn and you can also try greased cheese a little oil pan and vb you can make mini pizza do not walk at all, do not lift the lid in while cooking, just shake the pan over the stove and you're done. OK.
Many do not use it correctly, and I came back with some cooking ideas for both you and those interested, I hope you don't mind, yes it makes the 199 lei top and thick.
you kiss, lenna

Hello, today I also used the miraculous ceramic dry cooker pan, which I received as a gift. on the box and on the instructions it says absolutely nothing is no name, my top has been blackened with holes, I tried to make straw potatoes. I took them out when I saw what was happening, and I was able to make them in my tefal pan and they came out a thousand times better. I didn't give up and put some cabanos, but it seemed to steal its taste, that is, if until now I fried it in tephalus, without oil it tasted good, in the pan with no name holes that I have they don't have the same taste anymore . My father had just come to me, who worked on gas and told me that there could be no healthier or tastier food as long as the methane from the stove, which is very dangerous when it burns, enters the food, he did not know how to -tells me more, just that, not to cook so I can get sick. I leave it to you to draw conclusions and document yourself more.

I have this pan directly from the factory at an unbeatable price. at only 45 lei and believe me it is worth every leu. if anyone wants it.

The Dry cooker pan is not at all as described in the advertisement, it burns everything you put around the perforated chimney, it is difficult to clean then, you have to put oil because otherwise it burns worse. I do not recommend it at all.

I ask the same question as others: how does Dry Cooker behave on the ceramic hob?

I took the Romanian version dry cooker - medium and I made the steak - it turned out well. At another ceramic dry cooker pan (the right ones, the cheap version at 50 lei) I tried mushrooms and the pan was stained, I tried to wipe it and it was taken from the ceramic layer, which was not great. Last year I took the original ceramic pan (it was 80 lei) and when a wash doesn't scratch, it's super good. The idea is not to expect a half-price thing to do the same thing as a full-price thing.

reading these comments I concluded that the vast majority of you are ignorant in the next big phase:

as far as I understand there are about 5 different types.

I'm interested in DELIMANO:
- that pan with yellow ceramic on top and aluminum as a base

yes, what the ignorant are doing here, commenting rather on the similar shape of 5 different manufacturers, it's like discussing the shape of the car and some would say that Dacia from Ceausescu's time is horrible, so even the modern BMW is halal because has 4 wheels.
halal of such comparisons!

talk about a manufacturer, namely, what is the name of the pan, and then it will be:
- THE LIGHT! :)))

Indeed, I think there is confusion between manufacturers, among all the models that exist on the market today.

Good evening, Miha
I read some comments and many do not know that the products on TV are different from those on other sites, I suffered with a smothie maker was on TV, as if I called the telestar they did not have the product but you had to register and last about 2 months, then I saw the same product on another site, it was a little cheaper and it sent it fast and I took it from there not to wait but a friend took it from the telestar waited 2 months and really different products, al mine is made in china, hers is made in austria and it's a little bigger and dark cherry mine is red but ek works bn, but once again there are a lot of imitations. so the ceramic pan from delimano, those who don't use it correctly also mislead other people, I don't know why they don't look for information directly on the site
a few details.

Dry Cooker Ceramica is made in Italy. The pan produced by them has the role of retaining the juice and flavors, so the food is much tastier.

Despite its creamy color on the inside, it will not stain during cooking. It has a diameter of 26 cm
The pan is 2.6 mm thick (measured at the bottom). Can be used on gas stoves or electric hobs. Not recommended for those with induction.

The Delimano Dry Cooker Ceramic pan can be washed in the dishwasher.

It has a Pyrex glass lid (glass lid of the best quality & # 8211 only it is worth 60 RON) with unique bakelite handle with spoon holder = & gt you can leave the spoon on the handle while cooking
I hope to get some advice for those who wanted to know if cooking on the induction hob.
kiss from the beach, lenna

Thanks Lenna for the information. I hope they are read carefully by others as well.

The secret to the dry cooker is not to lift the lid until you turn the food, so it sticks. Read the instructions carefully. I also made potatoes and steak and vegetables. It is wonderful and healthy.

Today I bought a Dry Cooker from Top Shop, the headquarters in Sos. Stefan cel Mare, opposite Bucur Obor. I haven't tested it yet. It cost 199 lei, ceramics, 26 cm, so called Delimano. The warranty certificate states that it was made at Alluflon SpA, Italy. Only Made in Italy is written on the box, which is not very good. any serious company has the coordinates on the box and even on the product. I was curious to search the net for & quotDelimano & quot and & quotDelimano Italia & quot. There are only Romanian references! The Alluflon company has a website, it produces all kinds of ceramic dishes, but you can't find any trace of Dry Cooker product there. The Romanian distributor, Studio Moderna, sees that it is a company that sells only in Eastern Europe. The culmination is that I did not find any instructions in the box. From the site here I understood how things are, but maybe give me a helping hand until Monday, when I will call the store. Anyway, it smells like something a little too Romanian. It is excluded that, if you search on any search engine, you will not find the manufacturer (or manufacturers) of Dry Cooker!

I'm sorry I can't help you with any clarification. I am sure that the people from Delimano are able to answer your questions.
Studio Moderna is headquartered in Slovenia, not Italy. Probably they are only made in Italy, it has nothing to do with the parent company.
I'm trying to find out if this pan is really healthy or for a lot of money. I still haven't clarified. The fact that it does not stick may be related to the fact that that layer of ceramic has harmful substances just like Teflon. A good example would be the fact that I have an all-ceramic pot, very heavy and I can't fry anything in it because it sticks. I just took it to heat the food in it.

I bought the Dry Cooker from the Top Shop in Afi Cotroceni a few months ago. It is good, not very good. I made chicken legs, mushrooms, potatoes, pork chops, small, chicken livers, pandispan and sausages. I put the chicken legs in the skin, when I made the potatoes I put a few tablespoons of oil because otherwise they would burn, they would brown with oil. The mushrooms left their juice because I had to drain the excess. If I don't put fat meat, it sticks and I have to let it soak.
Now they have the advertisement with "free shipping" until April 15, but if you call them you will find that the pan is delivered with the mixer, a grater and a set of utensils, and with the transport it costs you 250 lei. The free transport from the advertisement applies only if you place an order worth 400 lei. Isn't that a false advertisement?


Maybe you can also tell us why you consider it crap and what you didn't like.

Yesterday I bought the Delimano Dry Cooker Ceramic Pan, I made french fries. a first impression:
1. I put them on low heat (in the middle one they would burn near & quothorn & quot
2. preparation time somewhere around 30-40 min.
3. awesome. they did not stick at all and the pan was cleaned as in the advertisement. with a paper napkin
4. ..with the specification that I put 2 tablespoons of oil, but much less than in another preparation
5. The potatoes came out tasty and I think, much healthier
6. The whole set tempts me how it was cleaned, I think it's worth it.

I hope to find the site (which I came across by chance looking for other opinions about the miracle pan) and to share with you my experience with the Delimano pan / s.

Conclusion: satisfied and tempted by new purchases (although the prices are quite high !!)

I don't know how you can figure out if vegetables and fruits keep their vitamins, you probably have a more special method :) maybe they taste good, that doesn't mean I'm healthy. anyway the sausages and the meat in the pictures above are definitely not fat :))

Read once more what I wrote about each preparation and then discuss. :))

I come back with new opinions. (anonymous Apr. 17)

I bought the Delimano ceramic Mega-Set as I was telling you, the first purchase convinced me.
I made pancakes, fish, steak, scrambled eggs, etc. Today I completed the series of dishes with a grilled liver and sausages + rice.
If until now I still kept the old pots at hand, today I decided to part, happily, with them.
WHY. The grill was cleaned as you would say & quotficatei & quot :))), and no grain stuck to the rice cooker !!
1. As soon as I release the pan, I put it under water and give it a fine sponge. in 3 sec, it's ready!
2. put a little oil, a few drops. the food is not dry and it is tastier!
I don't advertise, especially since I've left over 1000 Ron so far at Top-shop (in this case, delimano), but it's worth it.
I am curious to see how it manifests itself in time (it says 5 years on the warranty !!).
p.s. I wrote because the advice here helped me in my choice and in the first uses of the dry cooker, so I hope to be useful to you too.

for ninth-, please can you tell me the set has more pans and pans for each how much does it have? thank you


Edith, I think you should address those who sent you the order. If it's their fault and they sent you something other than what you ordered, they should change it for you, if not give you your money back.

The dry cooker pan is made in Slovenia, not where Italy is said, an original Delimano product is stamped on the bottom of the product made in Italy and Delimano series, the color of the product is gray

I also bought 2 dishes from Delimano. I like to have all kinds of dishes for cooking and as I saw them I thought they would be good. The first purchase was a 28 cm pan that is really worth the money. Everything cooks well, comes out crispy and without much fat. Cu dry cooker am constatat că e o mare păcăleală/țeapă care m-a costat 2.000.000 (200 lei noi). E veritabilă, e scumpă, nu are nici un fel de instrucțiuni de gătit, cartofii se lipesc foarte frumos în ea, gătitul durează mai mult decât gătește Jamie Oliver în 30 de minute vreo 7 feluri de mâncare, legumele se lipesc și dacă vrei să le întorci trebuie să ridici capacul deci, se duce aburul și căldura. Tigaia trebuie spălată imediat și cu sârguință (dar fără să freci stratul ceramic) fiindcă se înegrește. Am gătit în ea pește și cartofi și a ajuns neagră. Cartofii s-au lipit într-un strat gros, s-au sfărâmat și nu arătau a cartofi prăjiți sau copți. Peștele mai mult s-a fiert după care în tigaie s-a format acel strat negru care,deși dă gust, e foarte toxic. Mă gândesc să o trimit celor de la Delimano sau celor de la protecția consumatorului, mai ales că nu are instrucțiuni decât pentru spălat nu și pentru gătit. Așa că eu mă declar totel nemulțumită de dry cooker.

Eu folosesc Dry Cooker de la Delimano, cel teflonat, nu cel ceramic. Sunt extrem de multumita de ea, uneori se mai prind ingredientele dar doar daca focul este prea puternic. In rest, chiar daca se prind, este foarte usot de curatat si toate mancarurile au avut un gust foarte bun. In general folosesc foarte putin unt pe care-l pun deasupra carnii, dau putin ulei de masline.
Mai spus spunea cineva ca transportul este 250lei ceea ce este o minciuna. Este foarte simplu de vizitat site-ul lor, transportul variaza in functie de localitatea in care te afli si este afisat inainte de efectuarea platii. Pentru codul meu postal din Ploiesti transportul este de 26ron pentru dry cooker din ceramica la 199ron.